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Bridal Hairstyles

By Kathryn M. D'Imperio

Your bridal hairstyle is a vital part of your entire wedding day ensemble. You’ve got the dress and you’ve decided on your makeup. The special jewelry items you choose accent your look, but it is your hairstyle that you will notice in every picture that contains your face. Bridal hairstyles run from casual to simple and elegant to exquisitely elaborate, or even on the border of the wild side.

Bridal hairstyles often boast spiraling curls and twisted up-dos, loosely pulled-back tresses, or even a style that is only partially pinned up. Some brides and bridesmaids even opt to wear their hair down. When it comes to choosing the right look for you and your right-hand ladies, consider whether you’d like to dress things up a little with some hair accessories or keep it toned down for a more sedate look.

Examples of Accessories for Bridal Hairstyles

  • Flowers
  • Decorative combs
  • Antique hairpins
  • Heirloom hair ornaments
  • Crystals
  • Feathers or feathered hair ornaments
  • Pretty barrettes
  • Decorated bobby pins

Hair accessories lend themselves to your creativity. They give you a perfect chance to personalize your hairstyle in such a way that only you can imagine. They also help to mimic the hottest hairstyles bedecking the pages of magazines and the billions of Web pages online. To create your perfect bridal hairstyle and exceptional hairstyles for your bridesmaids, consider these tips:

Three Tips for Choosing Hair Accessories for Your Wedding Day

Usually, the bride chooses a hairstyle that will set her apart from her bridesmaids. Her style may be complete pulled atop her head, half-up and half-down, all the way down, completely curly, completely straight, wavy, and so forth. She may choose to don barrettes or hair accessories, or she may suggest that her bridesmaids do so. Perhaps she’ll decide against them altogether. Whatever the case, the selection of hairstyles for the bride and her attendants is a critical decision that will impact hundreds of photos taken at the wedding.

- If you are interested in flowers for your hair, speak with your florist. Many florists will have the latest tips and trends in flowers as adornments for the hair. Check out magazines to get other ideas, and clip out pictures of the styles you like best.

- Take pictures of your sample hairdo with and without the hair accessories or flowers. Get your mother’s and your bridesmaids’ opinions on the hairstyle and which they prefer – with accessories or without.

- Don't go overboard. You really don’t want your barrettes or the flowers in your hair to take away from your headpiece or to compete with your tiara. Ask your stylist for her opinion if you aren’t sure whether you can get away with both.

While accessories for bridal hairstyles can be lots of fun, many brides choose to wear their hair sans adornments. Many times a bride may opt for curls or waves over fancy barrettes, decorative combs, or flowers in her hair. Simple bobby pins and a generous amount of hairspray can give hair all the lift it needs to withstand the entire wedding day.

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