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Glamorous Updos

By Lynn Lopez

On your big day, you definitely wouldnít want to look ordinary. If you want to go for some elegant and dramatic, your best bet is to style your hair in an updo. Done right, it can give you an entirely different aura on your wedding day and make you look glamorous.

Not all updos are created alike. So you have to decide what kind of style would best suit your gown and your overall look. Some updos lend a softer look while others are more structured and neat.

    Go with a basic bun. Comb your hair neatly and twist it into a bun, fastening it with a floral hairpiece or topping it off with a jeweled comb.

    Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and pull it up into a loose bun. Keep it secure with a jeweled hairpiece, which also helps dress up your hairstyle.

    If your hair is naturally curly, you can smooth your hair in front and leave the curls pronounced in the lower sections. Pin these up with glittery barrettes, making sure they create a swirly effect.

    Give the 60s beehive a modern twist. Just make sure you keep it looking sleek and shiny with a moisturizing serum, and donít go heavy on the hair spray.

    Sweep your hair to one side and catch it all with decorative combs or pins. Donít worry if some locks fall from the styleóthis will make it look softer.

    For an edgier look, you can pull your hair up and allow a few locks to spike out from the style. You can also have some tendrils framing your face.

    Part your hair and slick back the sections with a styling product, then twist it all up.

    Pulled-back ringlets make for a cute, bouncy look.

Make the most out of your updo by using accessories. Be sure to select some glittery pieces to draw the eye to your hair, or even something floral, which would be perfect for a springtime or a garden wedding. Of course, you should also seriously consider wearing a tiaraónot only will you feel like a princess on your wedding day, itís only right that you look like one as well!

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