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Perfect Wedding Hair

The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

By Anna Lynn Sibal

All brides want to look their best on their wedding day. And indeed they should. At a wedding, all eyes would be focused on the bride. Everyone would be taking notice of the way she looks, the way she talks, the way she acts, the way she is dressed.

Memories may get cloudy and fade with the passage of time, but then again, in this age of digital photography, wedding photographs will always remind a woman of how beautiful she had looked on the day she was married. If only for that moment of future nostalgia, a bride should look nothing less than perfect on her wedding day, from her dress, her veil, her shoes, her makeup and her hair.

Many brides, however, find the process of choosing the right wedding hair to wear on the day of their wedding a little bit tricky.

There are just so many questions to ask about how to pick the perfect wedding hair for a bride. Some of these questions include:

  • Should I wear my hair up or down?
  • Should I let my hair grow or just use hair extensions?
  • Should I have my hair curled or straightened?

Here are a few tips that can make the process of choosing the perfect hairstyle for brides on their wedding day a lot less complicated.

What Is She Wearing?

The overall look that a bride should have on her wedding day is something that is classy, elegant, and most of all, seamless. Everything that she has on her body on her wedding day should match and complement each other.

So, when a bride chooses a suitable bridal hairstyle, she should consider her gown, veil and headpiece. The bride’s hair should never compete with her wedding gown; however it is done, her hair should not obscure her gown, especially when she moves.

The hair style should be something that matches the bride’s makeup as well. Just like with the gown, the hairstyle should never take the attention away from the bride’s face.

Where Is the Wedding?

A bride should also give a serious thought about where the wedding is going to take place when choosing what bridal hairstyle to wear. Long locks done in loose curls flowing down her back may be great for garden weddings done during the daytime, but a formal updo is a must if the wedding is to take place at a grand cathedral, especially in the evening. If the wedding is going to be done at the beach or someplace particularly windy, a loose hairstyle would be the worst choice to have because the wind will only blow it to ruin.

What Will She Be Doing?

A bride does more than just walk down the aisle and say “I do” to the man of her dreams on her wedding day. We mentioned above that she will be getting photographed a lot. Depending on how the wedding and reception will be done, she will also do a lot of socializing, dancing and dining on her wedding day. Whatever hairstyle she chooses to wear on that day should be something that will not wilt on her head as she goes through it.

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